Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! We are so pleased to have you here today as part of our faith community. We hope this information assists you in your worship with us. 

Where is the service taken from? 

Our service is taken from the 2006 Evangelical Lutheran Worship Cranberry hymnal located in the pews. 

Who should come forward? 

All believers in Christ may receive the Lord's Supper. Holy Communion is celebrated at all Sunday services. Everyone with open hands will receive the wafer. If you prefer not to take communion, you may come forward and keep your hands in a prayer position at the altar to indicate you would like to receive a blessing by the pastor. 

When should I come forward? 

We are informal when coming to the altar. Approach as you see places open or by direction of an usher.

What about Children? 

Children are welcome to receive full communion (including wine) with a parent's consent. For those who prefer juice, the cups in the center of the communion tray are filled with white grape juice. If you would like to gather your children from the nursery, to participate, please do so during the Passing of the Peace.

Does the church offer Child Care during the service? Yes, it is in our nursery for children ages four and under during the later service.

How is communion distributed? 

At the 8:30 am service, Pastor will place a wafer in your hand. The worship assistant will offer wine from the chalice. You may either consume the wafer and take wine from the common cup or dip the wafer into the cup and consume it. At the later service, we receive the wafer from the pastor, consume it, and then receive a small communion cup of wine. 

For those who cannot tolerate alcohol and/or gluten. 

At the 11:00 am service, there is white grape juice in both the common cup and the small communion cups. At 8:30 am service you may forgo the wine, as we believe those who receive only the wafer partake in the fullness of Christ's communion promise Gluten-free wafers are available. Simple whisper this request to the pastor during distribution. 

For those with mobility issues. 

Please indicate to the usher that you would like to receive communion at your seat, and the pastor and assistant will be directed to come to you. 

For changes to member contact information, Guest information or to become a member. 

We offer blue cards that are located in the pews. If you are a member please note any changes here; if you are a guest, please complete this card and place it in the offering plate.